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"No money, no material reward is comparable to the praise, the shouts of well done and accompanying pat on the back of one's fellowman.  Applause and laughter in the theater have a similar effect; and sometimes, today, I stand with Russell Downing, the manager of the finest, largest cinema in the world, the Radio City Music Hall in New York, in a quiet darkened corner, and listen to that huge audience roaring with laughter at something I've done, the tilt of my head or a facial reaction, and joy seems to burst within me."

-- Cary Grant 1963

Cary Grant Comes Home for the Weekend - Festival 2016

Bristol, UK | July 16 - 17
@CaryComesHome | #carysailshome

  Friday, July 8
  7pm: Screening of Notorious (Dir: Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1946, 102 mins) + wine tasting
  Averys Wine Cellars, 9 Culver St, Bristol BS1 5LD
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  Saturday, July 16
  Noon – 6pm (repeats Sunday 17 July): Cary Grant Festival Marquee
  At-Bristol’s Millennium Square
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  12 noon: The Man From Dream City
  Watershed, 1 Canons Road, Bristol, BS1 5TX
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  2pm: The Making of Becoming Cary Grant
  Watershed, 1 Canon’s Rd, Bristol BS1 5TX
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  4pm: Only Angels Have Wings (Dir: Howard Hawks, USA, 1939, 121 mins)
  Everyman Cinema, Whiteladies Rd, Bristol BS8 2NT
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  Sunday, July 17
  11am: An Affair To Remember (Dir. Leo McCarey, USA, 1957, 120 mins)
  Everyman Cinema, Whiteladies
Rd, Bristol BS8 2NT
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Purchase tickets to Bringing Up Baby  7pm: Gala Screening: Bringing Up Baby
  (Dir Howards Hawks, USA, 1938 102 mins)
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1RL
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Maritime Bristol’s role in transforming local lad Archie Leach into the Hollywood superstar and global style icon Cary Grant is to be celebrated on July 16 and 17 with two days of screenings, vintage entertainments, red carpet glamour, talks and tours running alongside Bristol Harbour Festival.

In keeping with the actor’s boyhood love of the docks and extra harbour-side buzz, the latest Cary Comes Home festival is taking inspiration from the Golden Age of Transatlantic Travel by offering chances to dress up, hear vintage music, taste fine wines, watch a movie set on a cruise ship and play deck-games.

In addition, there will be expert talks about Cary’s kiss-ability and his work with director Howard Hawks; an exclusive preview of clips from an upcoming bio-documentary; a marquee in Millennium Square, where visitors can pose for ‘selfies’ next to the Cary Grant statue; open-top bus tours to Bristol places associated with the star and screenings of a trio of his films, including one co-starring another one-time Bristolian: Deborah Kerr.

For its finale, Cary Comes Home will present a gala showing of the classic screwball comedy BRINGING UP BABY - in which Grant plays a fossil hunter, to Katharine Hepburn’s heiress – in the apt setting of the dinosaur collection at Bristol City Art Gallery and Museum and at which extra treats will include a red carpet entrance, bubbly on arrival and refreshments, paparazzi, live entertainment and prizes for most glamorously-dressed guests.

Programme co-director Charlotte Crofts says: “In his autobiography, Grant reveals that he spent many hours watching ships come and go from the harbour, dreaming of sailing away with them. He also talks about the excitement he felt on making his first transatlantic crossing and of discovering that the film stars Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford were fellow passengers. So it’s perfect to have a celebration of his roots, life and work happening when the harbour is so lively: a wonderful chance for locals and visitors alike to find out more about one of the city’s most famous sons and enjoy some of the glamour of his world and times.”

To whet appetites for the Harbour Festival events, a choice of Cary Comes Home merchandise is on display and on sale at the Visit Bristol centre, on Canons Road, Harbourside, and a short film competition is already running, with prizes for the best 90-second salute to the gala film. There will also be a special screening in Averys Wine Cellars on Friday 8 July of the 1946 Alfred Hitchcock thriller, NOTORIOUS, co-starring Ingrid Bergman, combined with a tasting of wines linked to the film.

Other films being shown include the all action adventure and romance ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS, directed by Howard Hawks and co-starring Jean Arthur, and AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER, which has a luxury liner as one of its main settings and co-stars Deborah Kerr who attended school in Clifton and began her acting career with what is now BBC Radio Bristol.

To see the full events line-up, look out for leaflets or visit www.carycomeshome.co.uk. Tickets can be booked via the website; from the cinemas where the talks and screenings are taking place or from the Millennium Square marquee.

Updates, comments and photos are also being shared via the CaryComesHome page on Facebook and via @CaryComesHome on Twitter, use #carysailshome.

Cary Comes Home is an initiative of Charlotte Crofts and Anna Farthing of Good Stuff (Bristol) Ltd. Partners are Averys Wine Cellars, Bristol Film Festival, Bristol Harbour Festival, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, the newly-opened Everyman cinema, Whiteladies Road and Watershed .

Bristol, UK | July 16 - 17
@CaryComesHome | #carysailshome

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"DEAR CARY" by Dyan Cannon
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Dyan Cannon wasn't looking for romance when she sat down for lunch with Cary Grant in the studio canteen; she was a young actress on the outskirts of Hollywood just hoping for her big break. What she found was a star-crossed soul mate - a man who fell instantly in love with her, pursued her relentlessly, and eventually persuaded her to love him back equally. Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon were a glamorous and popular pair, the epicenter of chic and swinging 1960s Hollywood. For a few brief years their romance flourished; they loved big, married, and had a daughter. In many ways their romance played out like one of Grant's movies: bold, witty, full of dramatic gestures, and equally tender moments. When the love ended, it ended in the same way it had started: dramatically. This was on courthouse steps and on the front page of every newspaper in the world. Sweetly pitched but never anything less than completely candid and honest, readers will learn of a side of Cary Grant never before seen. It has taken Cannon two decades to reconcile herself to the death of Cary, and forgive both him and herself. "Dear Cary" is the end result of that acceptance; her final love letter to her one true love, Cary Grant.

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by Dyan Cannon

"GOOD STUFF" by Jennifer Grant
Now Available!

"I hope that people will realize that some of the people we admire
are actually worthy of that admiration."
From Jennifer's interview on "The View."

More online about "Good Stuff" by Jennifer Grant:

www.youtube.com - "The Talk" - Jennifer Grant Remembers Father Cary Grant
  abcnews.go.com - 5/6/2011 - Cary Grant's Daughter Remembers Father
  abcnews.go.com - 5/16/2011 - All the 'Good Stuff' About Cary Grant
  www.cbsnews.com - 5/1/2011 - Cary Grant: Debonair Dad
  bobbiewygant.blogspot.com - 5/7/2011 - Interview: Jennifer Grant
  www.youtube.com - KTRH Talks With The Daughter Of Hollywood Legend Cary Grant
  www.myfoxny.com - 6/15/2011 - Jennifer Grant
  www.npr.org - 6/19/2001 -'Good Stuff': Cary Grant's Daughter On Growing Up
  www.bbc.co.uk - Americana (Jennifer's part starts at 15:00)

  www.parade.com - 4/28/2011 - Jennifer Grant 'My Dad Was Able to Let Go of Show Business'
  www.parade.com - 5/1/2011 - My Dad, Cary Grant
  www.popeater.com - 5/3/2011 - Daughter Opens Up on His Devotion, Style and Sexuality
  www.publishersweekly.com - 4/15/2011 - Jennifer Grant Remembers Her Father

In Good Stuff, Jennifer Grant writes of her enchanted but very real life with her father, playing, laughing, dining, and dancing together through the thick and thin of Jennifer’s growing up; the years of his work, his travels, his friendships with “old Hollywood royalty” (the Sinatras, the Pecks, the Poitiers, et al.) and with just plain old royalty (the Rainiers) . . . until Grant’s death at the age of eighty-two.

She writes of the love he showed her, the lessons he taught her, of his childhood as well as her own. Here are letters, notes, cards, and drawings from father to daughter and from her to him . . . photographs taken at home and on their many adventures . . . and bits of conversation between them (Cary Grant kept a tape recorder going for most of their time together). 

Good Stuff captures the magic of a father’s devotion (and goofballness) and reveals a daughter’s special odyssey of loving, and being loved, by a dad who was Cary Grant.
- Amazon Editorial Review

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by Jennifer Grant

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